Molcer (Freeware)


Molcer is free version of Molcer Plus. Its functions are restricted.

Function Molcer Molcer Plus
sectional image sequences
View (Volume/Surface)
Image Processing x
Polygon Processing x
Measure x
sectional image sequences
STL / OBJ/ glTF / glb
simple motion movie x

Molcer Download

Molcer v.

Unzip downloaded file, then double click setup file to install.

System Requirements
  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10 / 11
  • 1GB of system memory (4GB recommended)
  • Graphic card that supports OpenGL (3.3 or higher)
Jan. 25, 2024 Version released
  • Supports two-point touch gesture
Jul. 3, 2023 Version 1.8.5 released
  • Added option to reflect the current rotation state when outputting polygon data.
  • Bug fixes
Dec. 15, 2022 Version 1.8.4 released
  • Bug fixes
Sept. 27, 2022 Version 1.8.3 released
  • Bug fixes
Nov. 9, 2021 Version 1.8.1 released
  • Faster loading time of sectional image sequences

How to export STL data (Quick tutorial)


1 Select “File (F)” > “Open Sequential Images” in menu bar. Press “Select Data” button and choose one of sequential images, then click “OK”.


2 On “Data Preference” window, please enter the voxel resolution values, if necessary.


3 Default display mode is “Volume Rendering” (See Circled 1). You should change this mode to the mode “Surface Rendering”. Press the Circled 2 area.


4 The display mode has changed to the “Surface Rendering”.


5 Press the “Polygon” button and you can export the STL files.

White Rabbit Corp. – English Top Page

Molcer Plus--3D image visualization and processing software

Molcer Plus is software to view / measure / process voxel data.
Reconstruct 3D models from sectional image sequences produced by X-ray CT or MRI. Easy to see surface / section / internal structure of data. It also implements ultrafast arithmetic operation by GPGPU.
Various measuring / analyzing methods are available. As well as processing / trimming / filtering / polygon reduction. Useful for 3D printing.