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We offer digital 3D contents and software for scientific research and education with mathematical knowledge and ultrafast implementation.

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Company address
4F Dai-6 Hayama Building
17-2, Nihonnbasi Kabutocho Chuo-ku, Tokyo Japan.

Our Product

3D image analysis and processing software Molcer Plus
3D image visualization software (free) Molcer

Molcer Version 1.8.5 released (Jul. 3, 2023) NEW!

Help yourself to 3D data

3D-CT Contents

White Rabbit Corp. – English Top Page

Molcer Plus--3D image visualization and processing software

Molcer Plus is software to view / measure / process voxel data.
Reconstruct 3D models from sectional image sequences produced by X-ray CT or MRI. Easy to see surface / section / internal structure of data. It also implements ultrafast arithmetic operation by GPGPU.
Various measuring / analyzing methods are available. As well as processing / trimming / filtering / polygon reduction. Useful for 3D printing.