3D image visualization / processing software "Molcer Plus" Functions
3D image visualization software "Molcer" Functions

"From industrial products to biological specimens, Molcer Plus provides fine view, plenty of methods and comfortable operation."
Molcer Plus is software to observe / measure / process various 3-Dimensioned objects.

Molcer / Molcer Plus


change of rendering type of 3D object drawing
section and penetrated view of 3D object


convert fossil specimen to 3D data and export model by 3D printer
Image above is modified from the figure 1 and 2 of [Naotomo Kaneko, Hikaru Uno and Tomohiro Iwashita, 2016, Modeling of geological specimen by 3D printer, Bulletin of the Geological Survey of Japan, 67].

Molcer Plus


voxel process of 3D object
polygon reduction of 3D object


measure of 3D object


Extra: Particle / Cavity Analysis

cavity analyze of 3D object

Extra: Fiber Analysis

fiber analyze of 3D object