Tectonic Plates around Japan 3D model

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3D model of Tectonic Plates' disposition around Japan.
You can see that Pacific plate and Philippine Sea plate are sinking under the Japanese Archipelago.
October 14 2017
This data was used in TV program "Bura-Tamori" by NHK.
April 24 2017
Separated from Japanese version.
April 26 2016
Replaced by light version.
November 20 2011


Most part of the Japanese Archipelago are on *)Eurasian plate.
Philippine Sea plate is sinking under Eurasian plate. Sunk part (slab) is quite distorted.
Izu peninsula is on Philippine Sea plate, and colliding Japanese Archipelago around Mt. Fuji.
Philippine Sea plate is moving to northwest by about 5.6 cm per year.
Pacific plate is sinking under both Eurasian plate and Philippine Sea plate. It is moving to northwest by 8.0 cm per year.

*) Adopt this term despite of various theories.


Needs freeware "Molcer" over ver.1.27.


Unzip this file.

*) If you use this data, show source as "https://white-rabbit.jp/contents/TectonicPlatesAroundJapan/indexE.html" and link to the page.
3D view of Tectonic Plates' disposition around Japan
Screen shot. Emphasized height by four times.
Upper Surface of Pacific Plate
Upper Surface of Philippine Sea plate

Also available for scaling, viewing section by arbitrary clipping plane, and so on.


Referred following papers or documents. *) See further: Mining Museum of Akita University